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Who we Are

D3 Development

Building on a Strong


As future engineers first and foremost, we aspire to design and build infrastructures and technologies to support tomorrow’s rapidly increasing urban population.

As real estate investors, D3 Development works in partnership with industry professionals that have extensive experience to secure funding and identify unique opportunities for the construction, and renovation of single-family homes.

Our Mission

D3 Development will provide high-quality, affordable, and sustainable housing options to families and individuals. We build residential properties, with a focus on tiny homes. Tiny homes are a sustainable and affordable housing option that can help to address the affordable housing shortage. We believe that everyone deserves a safe and comfortable place to call home, and we are committed to making that a reality for our community.

In 2023, our goal is to take on more hands-on roles as project managers and complete our first residential project which will address the affordable housing shortage and benefit communities of over 6 million people.


Our team will work quickly and adaptably to find creative solutions that keep our projects on track throughout the development process.


We will hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and focus on maintaining open communication to foster a culture of trust.


We will build and homes where families may thrive for the benefit of our people.


We place a strong emphasis on gaining knowledge from experts in the field; building long-lasting, fruitful relationships with our business partners, and engaging with the community. The partnerships are crucial to its success.


We partner with and connect our clients to professionals who have obtained an exclusive skill set through the development of many residential properties in Metro Atlanta. Our team's meticulous method of data analysis, along with it's continual commitment to fact-based decision-making, generates innovative opportunities backed by years of experience.

Our team